Life after College

As I fester on my parent’s couch, eating their pita chips and abusing their air conditioning, it’s finally sinking in that I am a college graduate and it’s time to learn how to tie a tie and score that big boy job. Of course, I have been proactive and rather than just bum it for the month that’s past between graduation and now, I have been interning at WD, a tech company in Irvine. So far, it’s been a great experience and I’ve been learning a lot of things that will help me be a successful PR professional. However, this opportunity is quickly coming to and end (it’s officially over August 10). As my friends struggle to score fulltime positions, I am becoming increasingly worried that I won’t find a job and will be forced to go back to the call center job I am on leave from. While I am fortunate to have any job, I still don’t want to be forced back into a position where opportunities for growth are limited. On the bright side, there’s still about a month for me to land a job. Vacation is officially over and I’m ready to hit the ground running. 😀


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About rychacon

I'm a recent graduate from Cal State Fullerton with B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. I am now entering the big boy world. These are my adventures.

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